Blow-dry your hair properly – tips from professionals

o dry your hair like the pros you will need a good hair dryer and the best technique. It’s important to have a low temperature, the right brushing direction and good finger technique.

Prepare hair for drying

Dry your hair with a towel while it is still wet by first squeezing out the tips with the towel, then wrap the rest of the head and gently knead your hair. Never rub your hair – this not only makes it knot, but roughens individual strands of hair and damages the dandruff structure.

The right hair dryer

Not only is a high-quality blow dryer better for the healthy of your hair, the result is also better. It should have several blower and temperature levels as well as a cold air function. Various attachments and nozzle heads are a plus. You can blow dry your hair for between three and five minutes depending on its length. If necessary, take a short break and dry again. Always start with a low heat when blow-drying, then increase the temperature gently. The drier the hair, the better it tolerates the heat. Finally, you should blow-dry it cold. This ensures that the hair cools down faster and prevents overheating and drying out. Unruly strands are easier to blend and, your hairstyle will have greater durability.

Blow dry for curls and volume

Natural curls fall best when gently detangled after washing, then air dried or dried with a diffuser. In order to achieve a beautifully bundled curl, it is best to lay the damp strands of curls in or on the diffuser, drying them from the tips to the lengths with warm air and a minimal blower towards the head. You can also help with your fingers, lifting or twisting individual strands. The lower parts can also be reached upside down. Finally, for a durable XXL volume blow-dry with cold air and do not comb again.

Blow dry with a round brush or curling iron

Pay particular attention to overheating. Twist in curlers in batches, or work with a brush and hair dryer or a curling iron of the appropriate size. Make sure the curls are really dry when blow-drying. Let your head cool down before styling the strands.

Blow dry short hair

Short hairstyles vary considerably and are individual. Whether rocking, classically chic or romantic, the correct process makes the difference. Short hair dries much faster than long hair.

When time is limited

After washing, squeeze your hair several times in a towel and knead gently. Briefly blow-dry the uncombed hair at a low temperature, then blow dry from the top of your head using a brush or your fingers. Finally, blow dry briefly, sectioning your hair as desired. Allow enough time for new styles;  it may be better to practise perfect styling first. This can minimise frustration and stress as you achieve the new style with greater ease at the first attempt. This avoids frustration and stress - and the hairstyle then succeeds with ease at the big entrance.

Matching products help with blow-drying

We only use La Biosthéthique products in the salon and are happy to advise on what best suits your hair. For instance: for heat protection, we have Heat Protector Spray and Hairdryer Diffusor – an attachment that fits on your hairdryer.

If the hair is just damp, spray on the nourishing leave-in conditioner Beauté Essence de Proteine. It makes combing easier and is very healthy. Then simply use a hair brush.

For more volume – even with fine hair – we recommend spraying the Volumising Lotion (with integrated care complex) into towel-dried hair before blow-dry and working it in lightly with your fingers. Then, it is best advised to use a round brush, such as the Ceramic & Ion 45 mm brush, to roll up the individual strands under tension and blow dry from below and at the roots.

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